Black and White photography is my passion. Black and White imagery allows you to see the world beyond colour, it builds the story purely through the images whilst offering an atmosphere only black and white photography can capture. With Black and White photography I highlight details that normally can not be seen within a colour image. Natural light, texture, tone and expression help bring photographs to life. These are the details I focus on when looking through the lens.

I enjoy taking photos of families very much. I love being with kids and love the way they see the world with unblemished eyes, without judgment, criticism or hesitation. I aim to uncover their real smile and their unique personality. Spending time with every member of family, even your 4 legged friends, is a real pleasure. I aim to create pictures which will continually remind you of treasured moments and places.

You should also know that I am not using Photoshop or any other computer tricks to make you more beautiful than you really are. I believe in a natural beauty and my job is to bring that to the photo. No flash, only the natural light.

To be able to achieve the perfect photo I need your help. I need you to share with me your favourite places, interests and hobbies. I will go wherever you need me to go. Where is your happy place? It could be anything, the park, your garden, your home, the streets around the place you live, the woods, or maybe an orchard full of apples.

How about Charles Bridge at 5 am? Imagine walking on the bridge without the crowds of tourists - an unforgettable atmosphere is guaranteed.

I know waking up that early is not easy and I can only imagine what the kids will say about that! So it is good idea to have something really “sweet” in a hidden bag to perk them up when their energy levels begin to fade. (Trust me it works!!)

There is also the John Lennon wall, or sitting on the shore of Vltava river – don’t forget to take bread for the swans and ducks! We live in a beautiful city and the options are endless.

Where ever you decide I will be there to capture your precious moments.